Hello everyone – we hope you had a good break and are ready for Term 1!

Welcome to Mr Murray who starts with us this term. He will be based in B130 and will be teaching S1 S2 S3 Music, S3 Music Technology and N5 Music.

As I said earlier huge congratulations on the SQA results throughout the whole Faculty. We are very proud of you all.

Welcome to our new S1 pupils – we are looking forward to getting to know you all and hope you will join our music and drama groups at lunch and after school. More information about this and at the Clubs Convention at the end of August.

We have lots of exciting event planned for you again this year and look forward to sharing the information soon.

The tuition timetables are updated and are posted in INSTRUMENTAL TUITION in the pages above. I am waiting for 2. PLEASE ENSURE YOU CHECK BEFORE YOUR LESSON

External Music Exams: I have some names to update the list and achievement wall with but please le me know if you passed an external music or drama exam last term and I will add you in.

See you all on Wednesday.

Mrs Moggach Mr Fraser Mr Paterson and Mr Murray.


Congratulations to you all – well deserved ๐Ÿ™‚

Special Awards:

Ronan Malster Best Composition
Teo Taylor Overall Music Technology Award
Hannah McDonald Best Musical Performance
Charlotte Alexander Overall Drama Award
Kieran Kennedy Overall Media Award
Sophie Jackson Naomi Sharp Award
Alex Gullan Loveday Award for Music in the Community
Ellie Clark Best Dramatic Performance

Attainmentย  Awardsย 

Ewan Watson Higher Music
Josh Simpson National 5 Music
Teo Taylor National 5 Music Technology
Sophie Jackson S3 Music
Erin Neish S3 Music
Eve Milne S3 Music Technology
Lucy McWilliam S3 Music Technology
Ananya Dick S2 Music
Olivia Kemp S2 Music
Olwenn Stewart S2 Music
James Paterson S2 Music
Isabelle Paterson S1 Music
Eilidh Bain S1 Music
Matthew Padmos S1 Music
Poppy Hoey S1 Music
Erin Stratton National 5 Drama
Rebecca Rush S3 Drama
Mia Knowles S2 Drama


Endeavor Awards
Euan Garden Higher Music
Jessia More National 5 Music
Lewis Rae National 5 Music Technology
Ellen Austin S3 Music
Chloe Webster S3 Music
Ryan Green S3 Music Technology
Sophie Jackson S3 Music Technology
Oliver Redgwell-welch S2 Music
James Orr S2 Music
Jennifer Booth S2 Music
Aaron Liddell S2 Music
Katie Malcolm-Hutcheon S1 Music
Libby Walker S1 Music
Gregor Ahern S1 Music
Madison Mckenzie S1 Music
MacKenzie Caird S3 Media
Liam Blundell S2 Drama
Leah Stewart S2 Drama
Jennifer Booth S2 Drama